I am a museum professional and seasonal National Park Service Park Ranger, with a Masters in Public History from North Carolina State University (2015). My professional practices are enhancing connections with local schools, empowering volunteers, and using artifacts to connect visitors to the past. I advocate for shared authority/roundtable discussion sessions where professionals and the public can collaborate to make an interpretive experience that is relevant to their personal or community history. My research focuses are the Revolutionary War, Colonial period, and 20th century. Visit Rebecca Lowe’s portfolio page to view samples of work.

My parallel goals are to collaborate with museum professionals who want to create specific educational programs for adults who want more involvement in museums beyond reading exhibits. I seek to work with well-rounded, freethinking citizens who wish to discover why history is relevant. The result of this initiative would lead to diverse visitation, a broader scope of material culture, and exhibit content.

Why do I care about National Parks and museums? I love their malleability as cultural centers, nontraditional education spaces, collaborative environments, community havens, and vibrant spaces. These institutions are the next step in public education and I want to ensure that every community recognizes a National Park or museum’s vitality to its society.

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