I am an emerging museum professional with a Masters in Public History from North Carolina State University (2015). My professional interests are children and adult education, collections management, community involvement in expanding collections, minority history, exhibit creation, and research of the Revolutionary War, Colonial period, and 20th century. Visit my portfolio page to view my work.

My current career goals are to work at a historic site or museum and develop or enhance  the institution’s visitor outreach programs. I am an advocate of shared authority/roundtable discussion sessions where I create a dialog with people who want a museum experience that is relevant to their personal or community history.

I also seek to work in an institution’s museum education department utilizing material culture interpretation, online resources, and in-house programming. My parallel goals are to collaborate with museum professionals who want to create specific educational programs for adults who want more involvement in museums beyond reading exhibits. I seek to work with well-rounded, free-thinking citizens who wish to discover why history is relevant. The result of this initiative would lead to diverse membership, collections, and exhibit content.

Why do I care about museums? I love their malleability as cultural centers, community havens, educational nuclei, meditation hideouts, and vibrant spaces. Museums are that next step in public education and I want to ensure that every community recognizes a museum’s vitality to its society.