Marketing and Public Relations Plan

I created a Marketing and Public Relations plan for the North Carolina Division of Archives and Record- State Archive’s 2015 exhibit Treasures of Carolina: Stories from the State Archives with the North Carolina Museum of History. The exhibit educates visitors about the State Archives varied collection of unique letters, historical photographs, county and state records, posters, and maps. The exhibit will also illustrate the ways the State Archives provides evidence of rights and liberties, documents government actions and operations, and chronicles our state’s history and culture.

The State Archive needed a marketing and public relations plan for their exhibit that would guide them towards new communication tactics with new patrons.

I performed a SWOT analysis of the State Archive’s services and outreach, and public and digital faces. I charted target audience population demographics – historians, archivists/archives, librarians/libraries, museums, genealogists, amateur historians, and other groups who would use the Archive’s services. I created detailed and tailored for message strategies for these groups via social media, email, letters, and personal outreach. I set time frames for the Archives to release these message strategies before and after the exhibit opening. The goal of this report was to provide tactics of free publicity and encourage the State Archives to broaden its outreach beyond the typical white, middle age and up demographic.

I plan to use my marketing and public relations skills towards my museum career. Through marketing tactics, museum staff can reach new target audiences and communicate and influence them to attend exhibits, donate, and volunteer. Through marketing we can ultimately widen the museum’s community outreach.

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