“Taverns: Community Formation in Unexpected Places” proposal

The “Taverns: Community Formation in Unexpected Places” proposal was created for my graduate course in Museum Studies. I discovered in the North Carolina State Archives that Raleigh, North Carolina was founded in Sir Issac Hunter’s tavern and began to research the centrality of taverns to colonial life. Two themes are explored in the exhibit: discussing which groups of people used taverns as a public space and the basic use of taverns; and second, the unique formation of the capital of North Carolina.

I believed that young adults of Raleigh would find this information interesting because of the popular bar and food culture in Raleigh, specifically downtown. It is historically interesting that Raleigh was founded at a tavern and todays younger residents enjoy the food culture of the bars and restaurants. The educational goal was to expand the stereotypical idea of taverns as ‘ye olde place of drink’ to the reality that taverns were also the center of colonial and Early American Republic communities. Like taverns in the past, people of all (legal) ages continue to use similar buildings like bars and restaurants for community reinforcement.

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